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90 8” x 10” Artwork Prints by Dan Paulos

90 8” x 10” Artwork Prints by Dan Paulos


90 8” x 10” Artwork Prints by Dan Paulos

Regular Price is $19.95 each x 90 = $1,795.50

SALE PRICE = $270.00 = Only $3.00 each (over 80% Discount)

The 90 Artwork Prints are in protective sleeves in binder.

The 8” x 10” prints include an additional white border to make framing the prints easier.

All His Children Have Worth
St. Aloysius
Thou Art A Priest Forever
Apache Madonna
Assumption into Heaven 
St. Bernadette
Bright Star of David
Behold Child
Behold Thy King - Detail
Behold Thy King
Behold Thy Mother
Carousel Madonna
Cardinal Cooke Madonna
Cristo de Chimayó
Coronation of Mary
Carrying of Cross (background view)
Carrying of Cross (foreground view)
Crowning with Thorns
Follow Star to Jesus
Giver of Wheat
Good Shepherd
"I Love Thee, Madame" (Our Lady and Bernadette of Lourdes)
"I am Immaculate Conception"
Infant of Prague
St. Joseph
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
Lighted Path
Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue
Our Lady of Light (v.1)
Our Lady of Light (v.2)
Our Lady of Auschwitz
Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament
Our Lady of Rosary
Our Lady of Snows 
Mary's Cross
Mater Dolorosa (Mother of Sorrows)
Miraculous Medal
Mary, Incense of Sweetness
Mary's Last Autumn
Mother Most Tender (v.1)
Mother Most Tender (v.2)
Morning Star
Madonna of Slaughtered Jews
Morning Star
Music Madonna
Navajo Madonna 
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Perpetual Help 
Our Lady of Medjugorje
Our Lady of New Mexico
Our Lady, Queen of Peace
Our Lady, Servant
O Towering Pillars of Freedom
Open Your Heart To My Son (v.1)
Open Your Heart To My Son (v.2)
Mother of Peace
Our Lady of Pilgrim
Mother of Poland
Prayer of St. Francis
Pueblo Madonna
Sleep In Heavenly Peace
Shepherd's Song
Santa Maria de la Paz  
Broken Pot 
Chosen One
St. Teresa of Calcutta (Love to Pray)
St. Teresa of Calcutta (Kneeling)
St. Thérèse 
Holy Family
Magnificat (Guitar)
Magnificat (Folded Hands)
O Tell Me Another 
Throne of God
True Devotion to Mary Began With Jesus
Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile
Thou Shalt Not Kill
"Bernadette" Drawing of Vilon's statue of St. Bernadette in Lourdes
We Have Followed Star
We Three Kings
But Who Will Take Care Of It 
He's Put Whole World In Her Hands