• 11 Apr 18

Apr 11 - “St. Gemma Galgani” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Feast Day St. Gemma!

 Gemma endured poverty and ill health throughout her life. Because she was unable to finish her schooling, she could not realize her desire to become a Passionist nun. When she was twenty-one, this mystic and housekeeper began to display signs of the stigmata. In early 1903, Gemma learned she had tuberculosis and died soon after, in a small room next to her employers' house. Gemma is especially revered in Italy and South America.

"Try to think of a light that fills the whole universe,
that penetrates and kindles it. At the same time,
a light that gives life and animation to all things,
so that all things that exist are imbued with, or encircled in it,
and in it and through it have life. Thus I see God
and in [God] all creatures."
—Saint Gemma Galgani


Her feast day is April 11.