• 20 Apr 18

Apr 20 - “Seraphic Christ” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM.

On the feast of the Holy Cross in 1224, Christ appeared to St. Francis while he prayed on a Tuscan mountain named La Verna.  In this appearance, Christ had the fiery wings of a seraph.  He left the wounds of his crucifixion on St. Francis’ body.  This icon celebrates the seraphic Christ.

In the right corner of the icon is the falcon that woke St. Francis for prayer each night on La Verna.  Just as the falcon wounds its prey, so does Christ wound St. Francis.  The life of Christ enfolds the mystery of death.  That mystery marked the life of St. Francis, first in his heart and soul, and then on his body.  It signs each person who encounters Christ in prayer.  If we die with Christ, so will we rise with him.  The wounding is our healing and the death is our life.