• 25 Apr 18

Apr 25 - “St. Pedro Betancur” © icon by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM. Happy Feast Day St. Pedro! 

This Spanish shepherd traveled to Guatemala when he was 23 years old, hoping to improve his lot. When he arrived, however, he was so destitute that he had to join the breadline the local Franciscan friars had established. He enrolled in the Jesuit College with the hope of becoming a priest, but could not master the academic material. Instead he joined the Franciscan Third Order.
As a Tertiary, he worked among the poor in Antigua. He founded a hospital for the convalescent poor, and then a shelter for the homeless, schools for the poor, an oratory, and an inn for priests. In time he also founded a religious congregation called the Bethlehemites.
In this icon he holds his walking stick and is ringing the bell he used when he wandered the streets of Antigua at night. He rang the bell to remind people to pray. 

His feast day is April 25.