• 27 Apr 18

Apr 27 - “St. Zita” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Zita!

Zita was only twelve when she was sent to be a servant for a wealthy Italian family.  She worked hard and was very good and pious, but nobody in the household liked Zita.  Her employers and the other servants all thought she was a goody-two shoes.  Zita never complained.  She clung to her faith and stayed true to herself.  She offered it up to God and treated everyone with courtesy and respect, no matter how they treated her.  No amount of ridicule could shake her inner peace, and her perseverance won them over.  Her co-workers began to like her and were inspired to become better workers.  Her employers realized her worth and put her in charge. 

Instead of giving in to peer pressure and sinking to their level, she brought the others up through patience and humility.  There are miraculous stories of Zita's generosity.  She gave away most of the family's beans during a famine, but when the master of the house came to take inventory, her prayers were answered when no beans were found missing.  Once when she ran out to help someone in need, she returned home frantic, only to find the bread had been baked by angels in her absence.  Zita stayed at the same job for the rest of her life – forty-eight years as a servant.  In time, the family not only gave her the freedom to help the poor and visit the sick and imprisoned but they also joined her in her good works.

Her feast day is April 27.