• 05 Apr 21

Apr 5 - “St. Mary of Magdalene” © icon by Lewis Williams, OFS.

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(Detail from the icon Chalices of Mystery, Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

What would it be like to witness the torture and murder of one whose presence to you had been inexpressible love?  Memories of great forgiveness and greater friendship would fill your consciousness.  How could you sever companionship in which you found the mystery of existence fulfilled in relation to the other, and to all others.  All those miles walked together, the shared food and drink, the vivid discourse from dusk till dawn, and the sensation of suspended time; universal truth found about and within the mystery of our own wells.

This fullness of life filled Mary’s chalice.  Their shared gifts impelled her to keep by his side, even in death.  In the gospel of John we are told she stood weeping at his tomb.  She was honored being the first to find he was not in the tomb.  Two angels in dazzling robes asked why she wept?  “Because the Lord has been taken away…”  When she saw a man outside the tomb, supposing him the gardener, she asked him if he knew the whereabouts of the body.  “Mary!” he cried; and she responded in Hebrew, “Rabbouni (meaning “Teacher”)” and knew her Lord had risen and was with her.  They knew each other completely. 

Her feast day is July 22.