• 12 Aug 22

Aug 12 - “St. Jane Frances de Chantal” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Feast Day St. Jane!

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Jane Frances de Chantal, wife, mother, widow, nun and founder of the Visitation order with St. Francis de Sales, experienced great trials of the spirit throughout her life. Despite, or perhaps because of, her mental and emotional struggles, Jane de Chantal achieved holiness. Indeed, St. Vincent de Paul said of St. Jane, “I regard her as one of the holiest souls I have ever met on this earth.” Those of us who suffer from depression, anxiety, compulsions, or other psychological challenges can take comfort and encouragement from her example and her words:

“When you are experiencing some physical pain or a sorrowful heart, try to endure it before God, recalling as much as you can that He is watching you at this time of affliction…Don’t force yourself to pray, for a simple adherence to God’s will, expressed from time to time, is enough. Moreover, suffering borne in the will quietly and patiently is a continual, very powerful prayer before God, regardless of the complaints and anxieties that come from the inferior part of the soul.”

Her feast day is August 12.