• 03 Dec 21

Dec 3 - “Mary, Mother of Mercy” © art by Brenda Nippert.

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As the mother of the merciful Jesus, who through His great Mercy gave her to us as our mother as well, Mary, Mother of Mercy is a mirror of the merciful love of God.  She invites all of us as her children to open ourselves up to that love.  For centuries, Christians all over the world have called out to Mary with “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy...” placing themselves in her tender loving care.  In her own words to Saint Brigid of Sweden Mary said “I am the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of Mercy; I am the Joy of the just and the Door through which sinners are brought to God.”  Pope Francis has entrusted us all to our Mother of Mercy during the Holy Jubilee Year of Mercy, in hopes that we will follow her holy examples of compassion, forgiveness and love as well as receive her maternal love and protection and help her Son renew the world through His Divine Mercy.

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