• 06 Dec 22

Dec 6 - “St. Adolf Kolping” © artwork by Julie Lonneman. Happy Feast Day St. Adolf!

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The son of a shepherd, Adolf Kolping was raised in poverty in rural Germany. To help support his family, he left school at 13 to become an apprentice to a shoemaker, but he longed for higher education. After ten years of working as a shoemaker, he entered secondary school at age 23 and managed to complete his education in record time.


During his years at the secondary school he felt called to become a priest. He began his studies in theology at the University of Munich in 1841. Ordained in 1845, he dedicated himself to improving family life, and to aiding workers physically and spiritually during the challenging and often dehumanizing milieu of the industrial revolution.


“The first thing that a person finds in life and the last to which he holds out his hand, and the most precious that he possesses, even if he does not realize it, is family life.”

–Saint Adolf Kolping


Germany, 1813-1865.


His feast day is December 6.