• 28 Jan 22

Jan 28 - “St. Isaac of Nineveh” © icon by Robert Lentz, OFM. Happy Feast Day St. Isaac!

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“God the Lord surrendered his own Son to death on the cross for the fervent love of creation… Yet this was not because he could not redeem us in another way, but so that his surpassing love, manifested hereby, might be a teacher unto us.  And by the death of his Only-begotten Son he made us near to himself.  Yea, if he had had anything more precious, he would have given it to us, so that by it our race might be his own.”

“As a grain of sand cannot counterbalance a great quantity of gold, so in comparison God’s use of justice cannot counterbalance his mercy.  Like a handful of sand thrown into the great sea, so are the sins of the flesh in comparison with the mind of God.  And just as a strongly flowing spring is not obscured by a handful of dust, so the mercy of the Creator is not stemmed by the vices of his creatures.”

“You have given your entire treasure to the world:  if you gave the only-begotten from your bosom and from the throne of your Being for the benefit of all, what further do you have which you have not given to your creation?  The world has become mingled with God, and creation and Creator have become one!”

The inscriptions on either side of the head of St. Isaac in this icon are in ancient Syriac, while that beneath his feet is in modern Arabic, both of which languages are used by the Christians of Iraq, the land where he lived and died.

His feast day is January 28.