• 09 Jun 21

Jun 9 - “St. Columba” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Columba!

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Saint Columba was an Irish monk who spread the Christian faith in Scotland and Northern England. He was a wonderful poet and the best copyist and illumination artist of his time. He founded many churches and monasteries, but his most famous monastery was on the island of Iona. He taught the monks to illuminate the word of God, this meant to decorate the words with beautiful designs, borders and pictures. The most beautiful illuminated manuscripts come from Ireland and Scotland. Saint Columba's monks handed their methods down through the generations. In medieval times the Columban monks at Iona created the most beautiful, most famous illuminated manuscript of all time, it is called the Book of Kells. It contains the four Gospels in Latin along with several other passages. The pages are decorated with incredibly intricate Celtic borders entwined with beautiful birds, animals, flowers, figures and faces. This book is often called the Book of Columba in honor of the father of these incredibly skilled artisans. It is preserved today as Ireland's greatest national treasure.

His feast day is June 9.

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