• 17 Mar 23

Mar 17 - “St. Patrick” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Patrick!

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We are not sure where or when Patrick was born or what year he died. We do know that he was not Irish, and was captured by raiders as a teenager and sold into slavery. He was left alone to tend the sheep in Ireland's rocky hills with little food or shelter. Any dreams and plans he had for his life had been dashed. He was stuck in an awful situation with no hope, but here's the wonderful thing about Patrick: he trusted that God had a different plan for him and just went with it. As he tended the sheep in that desolate Pagan place, he became consumed with love for God and opened himself completely to the mission He was preparing him for.


With God's help, Patrick escaped and returned to his parents. He studied to become a priest and quickly rose to a great level in the Church. In his dreams, he heard the voices of the people of Ireland begging him to return to their land. He knew his mission was to bring Christ to that Pagan nation. The Druids were not about to let their people be led away from their false gods, but Patrick was not afraid because he knew God was with him.


Now a Bishop, he returned to the Emerald Isle and spent the rest of his life facing down the Pagan Chieftains in their own backyard. Time after time, he won over the Irish people and their leaders, baptized thousands, and built churches, schools, and monasteries. He left an indelible mark on the world. It doesn’t matter that we don't have all of the historical facts. What really matters is that a man named Patrick put himself at God's disposal, and single handedly started a chain reaction that turned a Pagan nation into a Christian people who are still known the world over for their deep faith.


His feast day is March 17.