• 09 Mar 18

Mar 9 - “St. Catherine of Bologna” © artwork by Brenda Nippert.  Happy Feast Day St. Catherine!

Saint Catherine was born in Italy to a noble family.  She became a companion to a princess at a young age and received a very fine education in all of the arts.  When the princess was married, Catherine became an Augustinian nun and later joined the Poor Clare nuns.  Catherine became so close to Jesus, that she was inspired with a permanent joy that couldn't be soured no matter what.  Her joy spilled out in any artistic project she undertook.  She wrote books and poetry, played the viola, illuminated manuscripts, and of course, painted.  She passed along her joy to the other sisters in the convent, so that with Catherine as their abbess, their hearts danced and soared towards Heaven.  Catherine is a great example of what a person can do if he or she gives their heart completely to God and doesn't let the world sour their joy.

Her feast day is March 9.