• 25 May 23

May 25 - “Seven Sorrows” © icon by Joan Cole.


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The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows dates back to the twelfth century. Catholics have recognized seven events in the life of Mary that caused her great sorrow. That is why the image of Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows often shows her with seven swords piercing her Immaculate Heart. The swords represent her grievous sorrows. These sorrows are:


The prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)

The flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)

Loss of the Child Jesus for three days (Luke 2:41-50)

Mary meets Jesus on his way to Calvary (Luke 23:27-31)

Crucifixion and Death of Jesus (John 19:25-30)

The body of Jesus taken from the Cross (John 19:31-37)

The burial of Jesus (Luke 23:50-56)


Her feast day is September 15.