• 15 Oct 21

Oct 15 - “St. Teresa of Avila” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Teresa!

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Saint Teresa of Avila was born in Spain and grew up to be one of the greatest mystics of all time.  She is a Doctor of the Church and the patron of many things, but here we are looking at her as the patroness of dance.  Teresa was a Carmelite nun and as head of the convent, she did her best to pour out her inner joy to share it with her sisters.  She danced and sang and often played the tambourine.  Sometimes when her joy was particularly overflowing, she would even get up on the table in the convent and dance while playing the castanets, while her happy nuns danced all around her. 

Teresa believed that sour faced religious people were ridiculous and she wanted everyone to see the joy and happiness she felt from her close relationship with God.  She reveled in the joy of her salvation through Jesus, she was never afraid to dance and thought everyone should.

Her feast day is October 15.

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