• 19 Oct 21

Oct 19 - “St. Isaac Jogues & Companions” © artwork by Julie Lonneman.

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In 1636 Jesuit Isaac Jogues and his companions arrived in Quebec to minister to the Huron tribe. Within a few years, Father Jogues was captured by the Huron’s enemies, the Iroquois, and imprisoned for 13 months. He and his companions were led from village to village, beaten, tortured and forced to watch as their Huron converts were mangled and killed.

Unexpectedly, an opportunity for escape arose, and he returned to a hero’s welcome in his homeland, France. Pope Urban VIII gave him permission to offer Mass with his mutilated hands. He had lost several fingers to torture. But his commitment to his mission would not let him rest in comfort and safety. In a few months he sailed to rejoin his beloved Huron. In 1646 he was captured by a Mohawk war party, tomahawked and beheaded.

Isaac Jogues and seven other Jesuit martyrs of North America were canonized in 1930.

His feast day is October 19.

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