• 12 Sep 21

Sep 12 - “Jesus and Mary Magdalene” © icon by Lewis Williams, OFS.

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Chalices of Mystery

Chalices are vessels\containers for liquid refreshment.  Empty, we wish them filled.  Full, we imbibe.  In this image, the chalice they share is    Eucharistic.  The space they share is also a chalice, symbolic of one in relation to other, transforming the space between into a container to hold the possible; the mystery. A holy space consecrated by presence, of Christ incarnate in each separately, man and woman, complete in union of the shared chalice.  Here is our example of companionship: of journey and purpose.  The sun rises: the day is blessed.

The relationship is our example of ministry: of teaching and healing in a broken world.  In union of service to the other, we see truth, soul is revealed, light comes in the darkness, and emptiness is filled with promise.  We know and are known, ignorance dies and love is birthed. There is no separateness.  All is one.  All that are weary, burdened in time, find refreshment in this mystery. The Holy Spirit enflames us and we are   inebriated, drinking deeply of the covenant.

Did not Mary and Jesus sit together in transformational dialog? Transubstantiation!  Real presence!  Didn’t he in compassion teach that her demons were cured and sins forgiven?  Did she not anoint his feet and head, and in love stand by his cross and tomb, finding it empty the next morning and him resurrected?  Is not his tomb like a womb that births new life?  Is not the empty chalice between us like this womb, waiting to be fruitful and full?  By example they showed that life was not merely to be endured but to be abundant.  The Kingdom is here and now, not without but within.                                             

Her feast day is July 22.

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