• 29 Sep 22

Sep 29 - “St. Michael Archangel” © artwork by Brenda Nippert. Happy Feast Day St. Michael!

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The name Michael means “Who is like God,” which traditions say was Michael's battle cry when he defeated the egotistical Satan and banished him from Heaven. In the Bible, Michael is described as the Prince of Angels and the protector of Israel. He is called upon to battle the forces of evil and the famous prayer which begins with “Saint Michael defend us in battle...” was said during every Catholic Mass from 1886 – 1964. The shield, with scales, symbolizes not only Michael's role as defeater of evil, but also as a helper to Christ at the apocalypse weighing the worth of souls. The sword symbolizes Michael's role as a triumphant protector against evil for all time.

His feast day is September 29.