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St. Macrina the Younger

St. Macrina the Younger by Julie Lonneman

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Macrina the Younger was a nun in the Early Christian Church and is a prominent saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox churches. Her younger brother, Saint Gregory of Nyssa, wrote about her life focusing heavily on her virginity and asceticism.

“My life is a moment which I have no power to stay.”
–Saint Macrina the Younger

Her feast day is July 19.

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The eldest of ten children, the daughter, granddaughter and sister of saints, Saint Macrina is credited by her brothers—Saints Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa—as having been the one whose example and counsel led them to put aside earthly pursuits in favor of service to God. With her brother, Saint Peter of Sebaste, the saint founded twin communities—a women’s convent and a men’s monastery—on opposite banks of the River Iris. It was in this convent that Saint Macrina pursued a Life of prayer, accompanied by her mother and many other ascetic women.