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Wholesale Buyers

Our Wholesale Buyers program allows qualifying Retail Stores to purchase products at a 45% discount.

You will need an account on this site to apply to the Wholesale Buyer program. If you have ordered previously, you should already have an account and you can skip to Step #2.

STEP #1:

  • Select MY ACCOUNT at the top left of this page.
  • Underneath the log in fields, select the CREATE AN ACCOUNT link.
  • Enter Username, Email Address and Password.
  • Select the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button. You will be automatically logged in and an auto-email from Trinity Stores will be sent to your email address as a reminder.

STEP #2:

  • When logged in to the site, click on MY ACCOUNT at the top left of this page. You should see three tabs:
  • Click on "Update your info" and scroll down to the "Apply for Role Info" pane:
    Select "Wholesale Buyer info," fill the form out completely, and click SAVE. Skipping this step will cause your application to be MISSED.
  • Lastly, select the "Apply for role" tab. Then select "Wholesale Buyer" in the "Select a role" box and click APPLY.

Upon approval, you can login at any time and receive a 45% discount on all your online orders.

Please contact us if you have any questions.