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Plein Air Paintings & ORIGINALS

Plein air is a French term that means painting outside 'in the plain (outdoor) air.' These are quick paintings to capture light in color only seen in nature.  They were originally done as studies for larger pieces completed in the studio but today's collectors are intrigued by the color and rigor in the paint marks. 

Creating art for over 40 years, he has also pursued Plein Air Landscape Painting since 2012. He sees this work, of seeking the Creator’s hand in the landscape, as an extension of his work with icons. He has found great pleasure and success in Arts Festival competitions throughout the West. His newest adventure is, ‘Paint The Way ‘Cross The USA-By Bike!’, riding his bike from San Diego, Ca. to Bar Harbor, Me., plein air painting as he goes, from March 1 – August 1, 2021.

Here you will find many amazing plein air ORIGINAL paintings available by Lewis Williams.