Collection: Gospel Feast

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


With all the angels, saints and holy ones:
Let us come to the gospel feast.
Awaiting the heavenly banquet in the fullness of time:
Let us come to the gospel feast.

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Come, sinners, to the gospel feast;

let every soul be Jesus' guest.

Ye need not one be left behind,

for God hath bid all humankind.

Sent by my Lord, on you I call;

the invitation is to all.

Come, all the world! Come, sinner, thou!

All things in Christ are ready now.

Come, all ye souls by sin oppressed,

ye restless wanderers after rest;

ye poor, and maimed, and halt, and blind,

in Christ a hearty welcome find.

My message as from God receive;

ye all may come to Christ and live.

O let his love your hearts constrain,

nor suffer him to die in vain.

This is the time, no more delay!

This is the Lord's accepted day.

Come thou, this moment, at his call,

and live for him who died for all.

"Charles Wesley, 1707-1788