Collection: Brenda Nippert

Brenda Nippert is a Catholic artist who studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Overcome with the love and healing power of God, she puts her whole heart and soul into illustrating her Catholic faith and prays that Jesus will infuse her work with grace as He told Faustina He would do with the Divine Mercy painting. She loves to make images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints and also writes and illustrates Catholic children’s books and coloring portfolios. She creates numerous Catholic visuals and teaching aids for Catholic education. You can see these other works at Catholic Artworks

Born in 1963, Brenda grew up in New Brighton, PA, married her high school sweetheart and had 6 beautiful children, who they raised together in a farmhouse in central PA while growing their Catholic business. Her husband George is her soulmate and partner in every way. He learned digital graphic art over 30 years ago to be able to scan, adjust and manipulate her hand drawn art so they could bring it to the Catholic community on numerous useful decorative and educational products. Brenda and George have been married 38 years and feel abundantly blessed with their family (5 grandchildren so far) and creative vocation. They plan to continue creating for the rest of their lives, God willing.