Collection: Madonna of the Slaughtered Jews

ARTIST: Dan Paulos


Almighty God, remember the six million people that were gassed, killed, drowned, burned alive, tortured, beaten or frozen to death. For the sake of one man, a whole nation was crucified, while the world looked on in silence. In our hearts, their sacred memory will last forever and ever. Amen.

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Prayer for the Children  

Almighty God, full of Mercy remember the generation of Jewish children that were reared for slaughter. Reared for slaughter. Remember the multitudes of children, who in their short lives never experienced joy, knowing only hunger, deprivation and fear. Almighty God, open our hearts to the plight of the deprived and hungry children of today. By helping them, we shall keep the memory of the perished alive. Amen.  

Prayer for the Mothers  

Almighty God, full of Love, remember all the Jewish mothers, that carried their babies to their execution, led their children to the gas chambers, witnessed their burning, poisoned them with cyanide, or killed them with their own hands. Almighty God, let their anguish, pain and torture never be forgotten. Never be forgotten. In our memory they will live forever and ever. Amen.  

Prayer for the Elders  

Almighty God, full of Compassion, remember the plight of the Elders, the Sages and Rabbis of Israel, who instead of teaching people how to live in peace, had to teach them how to die with dignity.  

Ruler of the Universe, fill our hearts with compassion toward the Elders, the infirm and the sick of today. By helping them to live in peace and die with dignity, we shall honor the memory of those who perished. Amen.  

Prayer for the Unknown Heroes  

Almighty God full of Wisdom, remember all the forgotten and unrecognized heroes of Israel, who knowingly and willingly sacrificed their lives, for the sake of others. In our hearts they will live forever and ever. Amen.  

Ruler of the Universe, open our hearts to the plight of the displaced and discarded members of our society, victims of the downsizing and reorganizations. People, who in silence bear the crushing burden, fear and despair of their collapsed world. By helping them, we will honor the memory of the unknown heroes of the Holocaust. Amen.  

Prayer for the Fighters  

Almighty God, remember the Fighters of the Ghettos, the Jewish Partisans and members of the Resistance. They fought without weapons, without ammunition and without hope. Their heroism paved the way for the rebirth of our people. Without the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Six Day War would have been impossible.  

Ruler of the Universe, open the hearts of the religious fanatics who kill in Thy Name, for the lust of power. Let them understand that there cannot be love of God without love for the fellow man. Let them understand that religious dogma can override Your Command: Thou shall not kill.