Collection: Meditating Monk

ARTIST: Fr. Bob Gilroy, SJ


My God and My All!
–St. Francis Meditation Prayer

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Saint Francis Meditation: My God, My All

My God, my All.

These simple words that Saint Francis would be heard uttering constantly by his brothers is a very powerful meditation.
My God...

For me, "My God" is an invocation, as it calls to my awareness that God is so close to me that He is mine. He is closer to me than any family member I have ever had, even my children, because no person, and, definitely, no thing can I really call mine. I can't possess them enough to guard them from time. Death walks with everyone who is dear to me. No, no one is mine.

But God is mine. I possess Him because He possesses me. I can never lose God to time, to death. Go has always been with me and always will be. God is in me and I am in God.

My All...

"My All" is a reminder that God is all I need. God is Infinite Abundance. There is nothing missing in God. While everything in this world comes and goes, God remains, filling me with each moment His Grace. He is my breath. Without Him, even for a moment, I would not be, as God is the Living Truth. And if God is not in me then my life is a lie. I am an illusion. Only in God can I truly live.