Collection: St. Daniel of Achinsk

ARTIST: Br. Robert Lentz, OFM


St. Daniel was a poor Cossack from the Ukraine who fought in the War of 1812. He became an army officer when he returned from Paris. He also began reading spiritual books. He abandoned his military career because of his desire to become a monk, and was punished with a sentence of hard labor in Siberia. The governor in Siberia freed him when he recognized Daniel's devoutly Christian character.

Daniel settled in Achinsk, near Krasnoyarsk. He wore chains, fasted strictly, and lived in solitude. In time he attained the gift of clairvoyance and achieved fame as a lay elder. He was canonized in 1984.

His feast day is June 10.

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Righteous Daniel Achinsk. Siberia. (real name - Daniel Kornilovich Demin) Born 12 December 1784 in Novye Sanzhary Poltava Province. Died April 15,1843 Yeniseisk, Krasnoyarsk region. Locally venerated saint of the Russian Church, glorified in 1999.