Collection: St. Domna of Tomsk

ARTIST: Br. Robert Lentz, OFM


St. Domna was born into a noble family in the central Ukraine at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Not wanting to marry, she secretly left her family and lived as a pilgrim, wandering from one shrine to another. She was arrested for not having a passport and was exiled to Siberia, where she settled in Tomsk. She began dressing in rags and assumed the ascetical life of holy foolishness. Bags of all sorts hung from her body, filled with bits of glass, incense, bread, sugar, shoes, ropes, stones, and other things. The local people loved her. She loved animals and they loved her in return, following her as she walked.

She was canonized in 1984.

Her feast day is October 16.

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Saint Blessed Domna of Tomsk, known as "God's fool" or “Fool for Christ" Domna Karpovna, died on October 15, 1872. She was canonized in 1984 with the blessing of the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow & All Russia Pimen as a member of the "Cathedral of Siberian Saints & ascetics of piety in Siberian land."