Collection: We Should Live In This World

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


We should live in this world as though our spirits were already in heaven.
—Saint Francis de Sales

His feast day is January 24.

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Confidence in God It is good to mistrust ourselves, but how would that advantage us were we not to throw all our confidence on God, and to wait on His mercy? If you feel no such confidence, cease not on that account from making these acts and from saying to Our Lord: "Yet, O Lord, though I have no feeling of confidence in You, nevertheless, I know that You are my God, that I am all Yours, and that I have no hope but in Your goodness; so, I abandon myself entirely into Your Hands." It is always in our power to make these acts; although we have difficulty in performing them, still there is no impossibility. Thus we testify faithfulness to our Lord. —Saint Francis de Sales prayer