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Vision of St. Peter Nolasco

Vision of St. Peter Nolasco - Museum Religious Art Classics

Artwork Narrative:

Artist: Francisco de Zurbarán – c. 1629

Founder of the order of la Merced Calzada, the saint is depicted kneeling, leaning on a church pew. In his dream, an angel appears to him and shows him heavenly Jerusalem, conceived as a walled city with gates and drawbridges over which numerous people enter and exit.

In this scene, the supernatural is represented in a straightforward manner, without violent contrasts, in the spirit of calm tranquility with which Zurbarán interprets the stories and miracles of Seville´s religious orders. Probably at the monk´s request, the painter depicts this male saint as a mature figure, with graying hair and beard, an example of virtue to be imitated by the younger friars.

His feast day is May 6.

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