Collection: Apparition of Blessed Virgin to St. Bernard of Clairvaux

ARTIST: Museum Religious Art Classics


Artist: Filippino Lippi – c. 1482 – 1486

Born in 1090, in the Chateau of Fontaines-les Dijon, of pious parents, Aleth and Tescelin, members of Bernard’s family were part of the upper nobility of Burgundy. Family names, at that time, had not become generally established in this region. His greatness, according to stories of the era, was foretold even before his birth, when Aleth had a dream, interpreted for her by a Religious, that Bernard would become the "Guardian of the House of God."

He was recognized as an outstanding preacher and orator, and many of his sermons have been preserved and excerpted in Holy Liturgy.

Throughout his life, Bernard remained a devoted servant of our Blessed Mother. He often admonished the Faithful to seek her protections, blessings and grace.

His feast day is August 20.