Collection: Holy Child

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


A Child's Prayer

Infant Jesus meek and mild
look on me a little child.
Pity mine and pity me,
suffer me to come to Thee.

Heart of Jesus I adore Thee,
heart of Mary I implore thee,
heart of Joseph pure and just,
in these three hearts I place my trust.

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Infant Jesus come to me,

That I may good and happy be;

My heart is small; for Thee my all,

For Thee, dear Jesus, Holy Child.

What father, mother, teacher say,

I'll do at once, yes, right away,

All that they will, I must fulfil,

For love of Thee, dear Jesus, Child.

Should wicked satan to me say,

"Come, little friend, do walk my way,"

I'll say No! No! I can not go,

I'll only go with Jesus Child.


Jesus, teach me how to pray,

Send distractions far away,

Suffer not my thoughts to stray,

Sweet holy Child.

Let me not be rude or wild,

Make me humble, meek, and mild,

Pure as angels undefiled,

Sweet holy Child.

When I work or when I play,

Be Thou with me through the day,

Teach me what to do and say,

Sweet holy Child.

Make me love Thy Mother blest,

Safe beneath her care to rest,

As a bird within its nest,

Sweet holy Child.

When the hour of death is nigh,

Then may Mary standing by

Take me in her arms to die,

Sweet holy Child.

So through all eternity,

Will I bless their charity,

Who first led my steps to Thee,

Sweet holy Child.