Collection: Mary's Cross

ARTIST: Dan Paulos


Lord, of all people Mary was your most faithful follower, never stopping in spite of all the pain she felt for you. I have many times turned away from you by my sins and have caused others to turn away from you. I beg you to have mercy on me.

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

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Come Walk With Me

The greatest expression of My Love for you
Is in My invitation to share My Life,
Especially My last and most difficult hours.

Will you walk the final steps with Me?
May I tell you what was in My Heart?

Come be with Me in My time of need
As I am with you.
Then you and I will be of One Heart
And nothing can ever separate Us.

Will you walk the final steps with Me?
May I tell you what was in My Heart?

Mary's Way Of The Cross, is a unique meditation on the final walk of Jesus, from condemnation to death to His burial in the tomb, as seen through the eyes of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who made the first way of the cross. In addition to the usual fourteen Stations of meditation, Mary's Way Of The Cross includes a Fifteenth Station of Christ's resurrection from the dead. After meditating on the walk of Jesus to Calvary, each station presents a thought provoking personal application to encourage our own deeper appreciation of what Jesus did for us.

Take a moment to quiet your inner self, asking God for the grace to receive all that He intends for you through this meditation. Then with an expectant heart, enter and begin Mary's Way Of The Cross.
—By Shari R. Panages