Collection: Our Lady Guardian of the Faith

ARTIST: Joan Cole


"The Father has allowed the grace of the holy oil, and my tears have been shed for the ingratitude of my little children due to the lack of unity, lack of love, and because each nation opens its doors to evil and to its own destruction. Love one another, children and do not hurt the Father. I am the Guardian of the Faith."

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Patricia (Pachi) Talbot was born in Cuenca, Ecuador, on June 25, 1972. During the night of August 28, 1988, she reports having received the visit of our Mother from Heaven, the Guardian of the Faith who said to her: "Do not be afraid, I am your Mother from Heaven, look at Me. I am the Holy Mary, ever Virgin, the Guardian of the Faith.Place your hands over your chest, daughter, I have come to ask you to pray for peace in the world, because it is now that it is most needed."On June 15, 1989, Pachi reports that the Blessed Virgin Mary chose, and signaled with a ray of light from Heaven, a very special location high in the Andes Mountains called "El Cajas" which Our Lady called "Her little piece of Heaven" where She would pour forth Her blessings upon all pilgrims who came there.With the approval of Archbishop Vicente Cisneros Durán, then Archbishop of Cuenca, on May 1, 2000, the Association of Mother Mary, Guardian of the Faith was founded as a fruit of this experience with the Blessed Virgin Mary. In March of 2009, at the request of the same Archbishop of Cuenca, a summary of these messages was published with the imprimatur of the Church. Patricia is dedicated to her husband, Andrés Vega, whom she married in 1991; to her family and to the mission of bringing the messages of conversion to God, love and devotion to the Eucharist, the Sacraments and sharing her testimony of devotion to Our Lady.