Collection: Rights and Responsibilities

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


A right is a choice to make your own opinion and entitlement to things such as education, religion and freedom of speech. Responsibilities are duties or something an individual should do such as following the law and rules.

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What are rights? RIGHTS are the rules that help make everyone equal. You have some rights when you are born. These are called human rights because every person has them. You also have legal rights, which are backed by the law. It is important to know your rights so that if people try to take them away you can stop them.

What are responsibilities? RESPONSIBILITES are the things which others expect us to do. Responsible people know what their rights are and respect the rights of others. Being responsible means, you care about other people's rights.

I have the right to be treated nicely at all times and as an individual. I have the responsibility to treat others nicely at all times and as individuals.