Collection: St. Athanasius

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


"Chastity, thou precious pearl, found by few, even hated by some, and sought only by those who are worthy of thee! Thou art the joy of the prophets, the ornament of the apostles, the life of the angels, the crown of the saints."
—Saint Athanasius

His feast day is June 3.

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Saint Athanasius Badsekukuttu

Athanasius was one of twenty-two young men martyred along with Charles Lwanga in Uganda on June 3, 1886. These heroic men refused to submit to the evil demands of a ruthless and anti-Christian king. Despite the horrible torture the king inflicted on them, the men vowed to remain Christian until death. As punishment for refusal to renounce their faith, the young men were wrapped in reed mats and thrown upon a raging fire. They died singing hymns of praise.


—Excerpts from Mass of Saint Athanasius by Frank & ValLimar Jansen