Collection: Sts. Peter, Martha, Mary Magdalen, and Leonard

ARTIST: Museum Religious Art Classics


Artist: Correggio – c. 1515

Four saints, each lost in his or her own thoughts, are shown before a dark forest grove, illuminated by a soft light. Correggio was one of the most original painters of the Renaissance, and in this early artwork he explored ideas put into circulation by Leonardo da Vinci, seeking a haunting ambiguity of expression and a soft, enveloping light.

The artist carefully studied how to vary poses, gestures and looks, with two of the figures looking downwards (Peter and Martha), one looking up (Leonard) and one towards the viewer (Mary Magdalene). The slight smile of Mary also draws on the style of Leonardo da Vinci, most notably in the Mona Lisa.

St. Peter’s feast day is June 29.