Collection: Mary, Queen of the Prophets

ARTIST: Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS


Mary was predestined in the eternal foreknowing counsel of God and she was prefigured by various figures and foretold by the Holy Spirit through the words of the prophets.
—Saint John of Damascus

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In order to understand the Bible's New Testament, we must study the Old Testament. In order to understand Christ and his message, we must study the role Mary was given as cooperator with God's plan for the world's redemption. From the first account of man's fall from God's grace, as recorded in Genesis, God responds with the promise of a redeemer and a woman through whom the power of Lucifer would be crushed. Mary, a sinless creature of God became Co-Redemptress with Christ's mission. The advent and role of Mary in our salvation is alluded to in numerous prophecies throughout the Old Testament. It is the title, Mother of God, and Queen of Prophets, which leads us through the Old Testament to the moment in history when God became man through Mary as The Word made flesh.